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For Wood
LAQIV series
5 teeth/set


Uses ultra-hard tips
The LAQ series' high-end model


■Improved durability

The LAQ IV pursued the ultimate tooth durability and cut by using the newly-released LAQ 川, the
successor to the LAQ 11, as a base, and it now uses extremely hard tips of advanced ultra-fine
particles (nano ordered).

■Quiet operating environment and high-quality cut surfaces

Compared to the hard ultra-fine particle tips that were hard to attach to teeth with conventional
whetting technology, a finer whet is now possible with the collection of many different whetting
technologies and knowhow that have been cultivated for many years as a top manufacturer of
circular saw blades and tipped saw blades.

The state of the teeth as seen from the tip clearance direction


LAQIV series(ABA-10)
LAQIV series(ABA-10)
LAQIV series(ABA-15)
LAQIV series(ABA-15)

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