Since its establishment, Tenryu has continued its advancement as a manufacturer specializing in saw blades, carrying out consistent production, from the processing of materials, including the quenching of steel, to the completion of products. We keep a firm eye on changes in the material environments and integrate new development technologies and production technologies for the development of new products, which are embodied by our production department as valuable products. In addition to the production technologies that we have developed on our own, we also introduce the latest technologies as we keep up with the world situation, so as to respond to the needs of the users.
Reliable products are the result of the continuous improvement of technologies and strict quality control systems. The "PAS" mark that is stamped on our products is a mark designed from a pair of calipers that were once used to manufacture saws accurately back in the days when Tenryu was established, and is a proof of the high accuracy and superior quality of the products.

Research & Development

Product Development Based On Expert Know-how

The demand for greater quality and precision in the field of cutting technology is being fueled by the growing diversity in types of materials being cut. Tenryu’s Research & Development Department enjoys a staff of engineers with specialties ranging from mechanical dynamics, electronic measurements, and control technology, to metal materials, heat treatment, and mechanical forming technology. Our engineers direct projects related to new product development and manufacturing processes. Tenryu’s R&D activities are committed to meeting all our customers’ needs.

Manufacturing & Quality Control

"PAS " Logo is Mark of High Quality

Tenryu’s production facilities feature world-class manufacturing equipment including a fully automatic heat treatment plant. Products bearing the PAS logo are not only manufactured with this equipment but are also subject to a rigorous regimen of quality control.
The PAS logo stamped on all Tenryu products is a symbol of superior quality. Calipers, which were used to maintain manufacturing precision when Tenryu was first established, inspired the design of this logo.
Today, it is the Tenryu trademark for quality, assuring customers that products stamped with the PAS logo have been manufactured from start to finish with the highest quality possible.

■Manufacturing Process

The production of high-quality TENRYU products involve the steps shown below