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Our job is to develop products
that accommodate new materials
and advanced cutting conditions.

Since its establishment in 1913, Tenryu Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd. has been a pioneer and leader in the Japanese power saw industry, expanding its business to both domestic and overseas markets.
For over 100 years, we have used our developed technologies and numerous manufacturing facilities to provide various industries with outstanding products that meet market needs, which grow increasingly sophisticated and diverse every day. In recent years, in addition to saw blade designs that help conserve resources and reduce labor, we have been developing products with greater precision, efficiency, and durability by making full use of the latest coating technologies.
To meet the needs of users all over the world, we have established two production bases in both Japan and China as well as one in Thailand. In addition, we have expanded our sales networks in Japan as well as in North America, Central America, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.
As Japan enters the new Reiwa era, the global economy is becoming increasingly uncertain. But even under such circumstances, our main objective is to make contributions to society through corporate management. We will work together as a company to achieve growth with our corporate philosophy of “Sincerity and harmony.” Thank you for your continued understanding and support.