Approach to the Environment

As a cutting tool manufacturer, we are aware that the materials used and purchased by the users and the production process of the company, etc., have a large impact on resources and energy; therefore, we promote the reduction of environmental burdens. Our headquarters and factory acquired ISO14001 certification in September, 2007.

Environmental Philosophy

We, Tenryu Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd., are aware of the impact of our business activities on the global environment, such as the generation of waste products or the consumption of resources and energy. We are taking a positive approach to prevent environmental damage in the future by making a continuous effort to reduce environmental burdens through effective operation of the environmental management system.

Environmental Policies

1. We conduct a periodical review of the environmental management system of all business activities of the company, including the development, manufacturing and distribution of saw blades and cutting tools, which are the main products of the company, in order to promote the following environmental precautionary activities.
(1) Resource saving, energy saving
(2) Waste reduction
(3) Reduction of hazardous chemical substances
(4) Development of products that reduce environmental burdens
2. We strive to prevent environmental damage as well as to abide by domestic and overseas environmental laws and regulations and other requirements.
3. We strive to make effective use of resources by having our environmental policies documented and publicized on our website, in order to promote the continuous improvement and prevention of pollution.
4. We provide environmental education and conduct awareness-raising activities for our employees and those who are involved in our business, in order to help them acquire knowledge of environmental conservation and to boost and maintain their environmental awareness.
5. These environmental policies are disclosed to the public to promote communication with those outside the company.