Basic policy for protecting personal information

In operating website (here in after called "This Website"), we at Tenryu Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd. will try to respect your privacy and do our utmost to protect your personal information.

1.Purposes for Using Personal Information
As a rule, your personal information will be used for the following purposes : to provide information about our company’s services ; to make improvements based on your opinions and wishes regarding our company ; and to answer questions.
In case personal information is to be used for some other purpose, the purpose will be specified in advance when you provide your personal information, so please check it.

2.Provision of Information to Third Parties
Except in the situations mentioned below, we will not disclose, provide or transfer your personal information to a third party.

1.Based on the law, a government office or judicial organ demand disclosure.
2.Your consent is obtained in advance.

3.Use of Cookies
Cookies are used at This Website. The purpose for using them is to facilitate your use of this site when you revisit it. The purpose is not to infringe on your privacy.

4.SSL(Secure Socket Layer)
This Website uses SSL(Secure Socket Layer)for protecting personal information.

SSL is a protocol(communication procedure) for encrypting information transmitted on the Internet.

If you use a Web Browser that supports SSL, the personal information that you enter – name, address, phone number, etc. – will automatically be encrypted before being transmitted. It thus cannot be read even if intercepted by a third party.

In case you use a browser that does not support SSL, it may not be possible to access a particular webpage obtain certain information.

5.Scope of Application
This privacy policy applies only to This Website. We do not bear any responsibility for personal information protection at website linked to this one.