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Tenryu (China) Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd.・Longlian Tools Corporation

Tenryu has been a pioneer in the Japanese saw manufacturing industry for almost a century. It established Tenryu (China) Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary dedicated to manufacturing in the Langfang Economic and Technical Development Zone, in China, in 1994. Since then, support from representatives of a wide range of industries in China has enabled Tenryu (China) to grow into a modern saw manufacturer employing 528 people. Based on a wealth of development expertise and advanced manufacturing technology from the Japan headquarters, Tenryu (China) today uses carefully selected raw materials to produce high-quality, high-precision saws for industrial use. These saws are supplied to users not only in China but also in countries around the world including North America, Europe, and other parts of Asia to meet diverse needs both today and in the future. Tenryu continues to serve as a pioneer in its efforts to develop and improve its technologies and supply markets with saw products of high quality, low cost, and superior durability. Tenryu looks forward to meeting the ever-changing requirements of the cutting industry with the latest advances in technology.

施設写真 施設写真 施設写真

1994 July Tenryu (China) Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd. was established in China.
1995 September Construction of the office building and No. 1 Plant were
1995 November Production of diamond saw blanks started.
1995 December Production of carbide tipped saw blades started.
1995 December Registered capital was increased from 300 million to
500 million Japanese yen.
1997 February Construction of a dormitory for unmarried employees was
completed, and a 2-shift system was launched.
1997 May Construction of the No. 2 Plant was completed,
and the heat treatment furnace started operation.
1998 February Production of diamond saw blades started.
1998 June Registered capital was increased from 500 million to
800 million Japanese yen.
2002 June Registered capital was increased from 800 million to
900 million Japanese yen.
2003 September Construction of the No. 3 Plant was completed.
2004 March Registered capital was increased from 900 million to
1 billion Japanese yen.

Company name Tenryu (China) Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Established July 1994
Business range Carbide tipped saw blades, Diamond saw blades,
  Diamond saw blanks
Capital 1,000,000,000 Japanese yen
President Takaaki Oishi
Premises area

39,500 square meters

Employees 528

The saw manufacturing equipment at Tenryu (China) was developed, researched, and improved by Tenryu Japan over many years. Tenryu instituted a careful quality control process through which it sends its raw materials and production systems. You can be assured of the highest possible quality control standards when you see our PAS logo. This mark is your assurance that our products have been through our rigorous quality control system.
焼入 口一付け
Heat Treatment   Brazing
超硬研磨   大径腰入
Carbide teeth
  Tensioning of Large
Diameter Blades


2002 January Longlian Tools Corporation was established.
2002 May Production started.
2002 June The Dalian Office of Longlian Tools was opened.
2017 November Longlian Tools Corporation moved to Dalian.

Company name Longlian Tools Corporation
Established January 2002
Business range Manufacture of carbide and PCD tools
Capital 100,000,000 Japanese yen
President Takaaki Oishi
Employees 13